What photo management software do I use?

There are various tools and photo software's available to photographers nowadays. When I first started shooting, I felt lost because of the amount of photo management software's that were available to me. Talk about first world problems huh? 

It seems as if there’s a program for every aspect of your business. There's a program for sharing galleries, software that allows you to sell prints, a program for all of your client information and contracts,  the list goes on and on! I remember always thinking, “Wow, I wish there was one photography management software that could do it all”. And guess what ya’ll, those dreams came true! 

Pixieset Studio Manager

I started using Pixieset a while ago and since then, they’ve greatly expanded their line of features! I use Pixieset for these four very important things: 

  • Gallery Sharing
  • Website
  • Business/Client Management
  • Blogging

In my opinion, the best part about Pixieset is that all of its features are under ONE umbrella. I love logging in and seeing everything I need to know right on my Pixieset dashboard. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Sharing Client Galleries

When doing research for gallery sharing software's, I wanted something clean and simple. I needed it to be user-friendly because the last thing I wanted my clients to worry about was logging into their account. Sharing photos with a Pixieset gallery has been the best way I’ve found to give my customers the ultimate experience.

Gallery Breakdown

Depending on the type of photo shoot I’m uploading, I break down the day by creating different subfolders within their gallery. It guides my clients through their day! Wedding galleries can be extensive so breaking it down is always nice.

Favorites List

Making favorites lists benefits my clients and my business. It also allows clients to add notes to their favorite images! This usually comes in handy if a client has a specific request for a particular photo.

Password Protected Galleries

If you enable the password protected gallery feature, each client gallery is private! This is really awesome if you shoot boudoir photography. Pixieset gives you the option to create your own password or it can generate one for you automatically. And when you’re ready to email a gallery link to your client, you can check off a box to include the gallery password in the email.

Prints Store

You can sell prints through Pixieset! AND have them delivered straight to your clients. I personally don’t like dealing with print orders because it's very time consuming. You can set your print pricing sheets and choose which products you’d like to sell. Here are some other awesome store features that are included, 

  • Gift cards
  • Coupons
  • Holiday Card Maker

Website & Blog

Hosting my website / blog on the same platform as my gallery sharing software has been very convenient! Like I mentioned before, I’ve been using Pixieset for quite some time and their team is always, and I mean always, adding new features to their software. They constantly add new website themes to suit every photographer’s taste. Blogging is made easy too!

Client Management System

The latest installment that Pixieset welcomed was their business management system. It includes assets like, 

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Questionnaires
  • Client Information
  • Payments

This feature made me fall in love with them 1,000 times more! Everything is organized and under one umbrella. 

Pixieset for Photographers

I’ve said all the positive things I could say about Pixieset. It truly feels like their development and customer service team has photographers in mind at all times. It’s refreshing to have this much support in such a saturated industry!

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