We met at Ulta.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shaianne a few years back while working at Ulta. I remember being paired with Shai during a morning shift while restocking shelves and we talked about what felt like everything. See, Shaianne is sooooo easy to talk to. It's honestly an awesome trait to have because I genuinely feel like you can have some of the best conversations with people like that. She mentioned Zee, her boyfriend, a couple of times and I never thought I'd actually get to meet him....until, a couple of weeks ago!

Photographing a new pair of faces is so refreshing to me. I learn about my style of shooting and I also learn about the beautiful faces in front of me. Shai and Zee have such a radiant vibe to them. They just flow so easily. A big part of my job is to guide my couples throughout poses that still allow them to feel in their own essence. Except that Zee and Shai did this on their own. I didn't direct as much because their love beams so beautifully :') We shot throughout different spots in Downtown Riverside and I LOVE how this entire shoot turned out.

Let's start off with one of my favorites, look how beautiful and intimate this feels!

We love walking shots!

Downtown Riverside has so many pretty spots. Zee and Shai wandered with me all over town!

Brick walls are my favorite, ya'll.

Empty and grassy fields are very close to my comfort zone but I wanted to challenge myself and do a more city-like environment. I'm stoked I tried because I love how this all turned out!

Ya'll know how I feel about black and white photos :')

This alleyway was one of the last locations we came across and it was my FAVORITE.

Let's wrap it up.

Shooting with Zee and Shai was such a good time :') These two are so beautiful, inside and out. I thank the universe every day for allowing me to practice my craft and meet wonderful people along the way. Happy Tuesday!