How They Met.

When Vanette met Max, she couldn’t help but notice how tall Max was, she hadn’t met anyone their age that was that tall. Max and Vanette met while working together. He trained her and even though she knew he was a nice guy, she never saw him as anything other than her coworker. 

It wasn’t until this one night when they both had a closing shift. Max saw Vanette waiting outside so he offered her a ride home. Instantly, Vanette began to think paranoid thoughts like, “oh my gosh, why is he asking me if I need a ride?”, “This is when I get kidnapped”. LOL. Vanette kindly declined his offer, continued to wait, and Max left, or so she thought. 

As Vanette’s uncle pulled up, she hopped in the car and as they were leaving, she noticed that Max was still waiting inside his car. He was waiting to make sure that Vanette got home safely. A lot changed after this incident. Vanette no longer had paranoid thoughts, she took him up on that car ride, and their friendship soon grew into something much bigger. :’) 

girl smiling and hugging fiance from behind
girl hugging partner from behind while smiling

Mini Redwoods at Carbon Canyon Park

Vanette & Max met me at the Mini Redwoods in Carbon Canyon Park out by Brea! I’ve said this before but this has to be one of my favorite places to shoot at. Look at those beautiful shades of green and the pretty sun peaking through! 

couple sitting on a blanket at carbon canyon park

Detail Shots.

I’ve been challenging myself to get more detail shots throughout all of my sessions because in my opinion they make the photo shoot! I always get so caught up on getting pretty poses that I forget to photograph the small things.

Couple holding hands.
Couple holding hands showing their rings.

These Two Make Me So Happy!

Vanette and Max are one of the most easy going couples I've met since I've been shooting! They were so ready and down to try any pose. Despite all the crazy mosquitoes that day! Hehe

couple laying on floor laughing with one another
couple laying on a blanket by the mini redwoods
fiance holding her fiances face for a kiss

So Much Love.

There was so much love that day and I'm so stoked I got to photograph it! Thanks Max & Vanette! :)