Let's start off with...

me telling ya'll how much I love these two. There's something really special that comes with photographing close friends. I really don't know how to explain it other than my heart feeling really warm and happy.

I photographed Jesse and Ashley out in Idyllwild. It's so stunning and serene out there. It's the perfect getaway from all the chaos and fast paced living that we're used to. I got the chance to slow down and indulge in the love that Jesse and Ashley radiate so magically.

I've known Ashley for a couple of years and it's crazy to see how beautifully life pans out for your friends. Things slowly start falling into place and you kind of just know when it's real. Ashley and Jesse are wonderful together and I can't wait to see what else their love brings.

Ashley started off with this stunning dress from a boutique called Morning Lavender, located out in Tustin, CA. She paired it with some cowboy boots and look at her, she's gorgeous! Jesse wore his dad's bull riding belt. Because even when loved ones pass, parts of them still stay with us. :')

Ya'll know black and whites are my favorites and this shot is PERFECTION! You can see how happy they both are. It makes my heart melt!

Walking shots are the easiest shots to get because we all know how to do it! Walk and smile, easy peasy. They're beautiful!

One of my favorite shots.

Ashley's hair was absolutely stunning! And in case you were wondering, her hair was done by Brittany, a San Diego based hairstylist!

We got perfect light and I'm so grateful ya'll!

And Ashley's makeup was done by Karly, a San Diego based makeup artist!

Outfit Change

Then came an outfit change! Ashley and Jesse coordinated their outfits so well. The colors and the style all fit so perfectly together. Ash got this dress from Amazing Lace and I am in LOVE. The fit, the fringe, the denim...perfection!

Everything worked out perfectly with these two love birds. Love was in the air!

Details make everything!

So many feels.

I'm so thrilled I had the opportunity to capture Jesse and Ashley because I know these photos will last a lifetime. But I am even happier to watch Ashley get ready to marry the love of her life. To many beautiful years of love!