Edward's Mansion in Redlands, California

At 9:30 am on October 30th, Ayal called me and asked if I was available to shoot a wedding. He explained that his sister in law was getting married and even though he took on the photographer role for the big day, he wasn't prepared for that much pressure. I was available and stoked so we agreed to meet at Edward's Mansion in Redlands California. The time of year and date didn't cross my mind whatsoever.

When I arrived, I started seeing guests in full blown Halloween costumes. I double checked my phone to make sure the address was correct because I was a tad confused (LOL). I was at the right place and it turns out I was also at the right wedding. As I walked through the pathway I came across this sign and I knew Enrique and I were in for a good time!

A wedding sign for a hallowedding event.

Ben & Kaitlyn's Hallowedding

I was so excited to be there because weddings like this don't happen often! And to be able to photograph it...1,000 times better. Before the wedding ceremony began, Ben and Kaitlyn started off by signing the Ketubah. In case you're wondering what a Ketubah is, it's a Jewish marriage contract that is validated by the couple, rabbi or cantor, and witnesses before the wedding. This tradition has been practiced for thousands of years!

A close up of the bride's hands.
Bride signing the Ketubah before the wedding ceremony.
Groom holding his hand to his heart during Ketubah speech.

Spooky Wedding Details

There was some down time between the Ketubah signing and the wedding ceremony. It was the perfect time to shoot some of the spooky details that added to the magic of their big day.

Wedding itinerary
Guest seating chart
Wedding altar decorations for the ceremony.
Paper birds used as wedding decorations

Spooky Wedding Costumes

Ben and Kaitlyn's costumes were so freaking awesome! The blues and purples were perfection ya'll!

Bride's close up detail shots of her jewelry.
Portrait of the bride on her wedding day.
Bride detail shots.

The Ceremony

Ben walked down the aisle with his parents. I wasn't lying when I said that every guest wore a costume. It was so cool!

Groom walking down the aisle with his parents.

A couple of moments later, Kaitlyn walked the aisle with her momma by her side. You could feel how ready she was to marry Ben! :')

Bride and her mother walking down the aisle.

Wedding Traditions

Ben & Kaitlyn shared a couple of really beautiful traditions on their wedding day. Each of their parents lit one candle to signify unity and harmony between both families.

Mother lighting the unity candle
Bride and groom holding hands during their wedding ceremony.
Father of the bride lighting the unity candle.

My favorite was the Handfasting part of their ceremony. Ben and Kaitlyn used rope and ribbons to tie their hands together. It's an old Celtic tradition that symbolizes love, commitment, and "tying the knot".

The handfasting tradition at a wedding ceremony.

They exchanged vows and it got me a little! Ben and Kaitlyn had been through a lot before this wedding so it was really magical seeing how it all unraveled.

Groom exchanging his vows.
Bride exchanging her vows.

So stoked I got this beautiful shot! Their rings were so beautiful and unique.

Groom putting ring on bride.

Their ceremony was perfect in every way! Ben and Kaitlyn shared a lot of really beautiful wedding traditions on their day. I'd love to begin a series on where I go over and explain religious and spiritual wedding traditions across the world. :)

Bride and groom smiling after getting married.
Bride and groom walking down the aisle.
bride and groom walking down the aisle.

A Pause in the Chaos

Wedding days can be so hectic! Family shots usually eat away at the time that should be saved for bride and groom shots. It happens though! As a photographer, you just have to work around it. I shot with the bride and groom for about 20 minutes after family portraits and I'm so happy we got the last of that beautiful golden hour light.

Hallowedding Reception at Edwards Mansion

Ben and Kaitlyn's reception was filled with tons of love, beautiful speeches, and loads of dancing! There was spooky music playing all night long. There was also an unplanned Rent performance! And conga lines formed guys! Awesome parties ALWAYS have conga lines lolol

Bride and groom dancing their first dance
conga line at wedding
Guests dancing at wedding
Guests dancing at wedding

We'll End it Here.

Ben and Kaitlyn's wedding was unique and an awesome time. I'm so happy I got the chance to be a part of their day! I hope to shoot many more Halloweddings in the future. To Ben and Kaitlyn!

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