It all began with...

If you don't follow me on social media, you may not know that Tayler and I have been shooting together for the past ten (or so) years. Yup, you read that right ya'll, 10ish years! Tayler was my first model and since then, we've collaborated on so many awesome shoots. And this session happens to be another one of those beautiful photo shoots.

I've been trying to photograph more couples lately because in the end, couples are the only type of sessions I'd like to focus on. Tayler reached out to me and mentioned that her and her boyfriend, Anthony, would love to model if it meant helping me out. As soon as we set a date, I had a vision. Tay's aesthetic is gorgeous. Dark hair, beautiful tattoos, and she freakin' ROCKS black clothes ya'll. Shooting with Tayler is always a good time!

Everything felt so natural with these two and these photos show that. So cute together, it hurts!

Black and white photo are always my favorite. They give the setting a timeless and intimate feeling!

This is exactly what I mean by Tayler's gorgeous aesthetic. It suits her so beautifully :')

See, all natural ya'll!

Enrique's Frames

I shoot with my boyfriend, Enrique, pretty often and I am including these in this blog post because I am PROUD. These shots are absolutely stunning and I am so amazed at how quick he picked this up. The banner shot that is at the top of this blog post is also his frame!

I'll end it here.

Look at the way Tayler is looking at Anthony! :') Tayler is not only my model but a friend that has been by my side for so many years and seeing her this happy in her relationship brings loads of happiness to my heart. Wishing you both nothing but love!