Millard Falls, Altadena CA

Millard Falls never disappoints! I've shot a few sessions here and it's always different depending on the season and weather that sunny California is experiencing! I had the pleasure of meeting Ale, George, and their daughter Samantha at Ale's maternity session. She looked so stunning! Ale is one of those momma's that is so pretty without even trying, she's effortlessly beautiful!

My cousin is a charro, a Mexican cowboy, and so is George! They frequent events together and when George was on a hunt for a photographer, my cousin mentioned my name. Word of mouth is so powerful ya'll. Nowadays, everything is digital so hearing something positive about a local business is always refreshing.

We started the session with a couple of shots of George, Ale, and her belly. I like starting sessions with close-ups of key details to give my clients some time to warm up. Sometimes clients need some time before we can start exploring more intricate poses.

Couple holding hands for her maternity session

''I told you''

During our shoot, I asked George and Ale to kiss and the second shot shows how shy they got after their daughter Samantha said "I told you!". Hehe. Im guessing the subject of kissing came up!

A couple kissing out at Millard Falls, Altadena

Meet Samantha.

Samantha is a sweet and curious girl! She's so beautiful and full of energy that I wish I still had! Look at them! :')

mother, daughter, and father holding hands while smiling

Momma | Daughter

Ale asked that we do a few shots of her and Samantha by themselves and I'm so glad we did! I love how all of these turned out. The nude shades of color on their clothes make a beautiful contrast with the greenery in the background.

Mother and daughter holding hands while walking
close up of mother's pregnant belly with daughter's hands on it
mother and daughter looking at mom's pregnant belly


Look at this beauty! Ale couldn't have picked a better dress for maternity session. :')

Finishing it off here.

You see pure bliss in the photo below. George and Ale look so happy ya'll.

I absolutely looooove getting to know my clients and I love it even more when I can capture all the beautiful milestones throughout their lives. To George, Ale, Samantha, and that beautiful baby boy in the oven!