About Ashley

My name is Ashley and I am a photographer living in Eastvale, California. I grew up in East Los Angeles, I've lived in California my entire life, and I don't ever plan on leaving!

I became interested in photography around the age of 12. My godfather was a wedding photographer at the time and he asked that I come along and help one day, I had no idea what the rest of my life would become after that wedding. I became so inspired and all I ever thought about was how badly I yearned to shoot. I didn't want to lead a 9-5 job, I wanted to create and inspire others by using visual imagery to tell stories. My camera became my source and I haven't stopped shooting ever since.



I have a huge, loud, and beautiful family that I will forever be grateful for, they keep me sane and loving.



I have a furry friend who's name is Hannah, she's only made my life sweeter.



I collect vinyl because it truly fills my heart and ears with warmth.



I attend concerts frequently because music is so good for the soul.



And I carry my camera everywhere I go because you never know when you may want to remember something forever.